I love to coach students in working together as members of the scientific community, and at the same time help students to build on -and trust- their own unique strengths and qualities.

I quite frequently apply the Socratic approach, and encourage students to ask themselves all the questions they can think of, and to keep on having an open mind, i.e., always actively searching for alternative possibilities and explanations of the phenomena we observe. Underlying is my view that if students steer their own learning process through questions that they are curious about, this will provide them with the skills for having a lifetime of pleasure in acquiring and forwarding scientific knowledge.

I also believe that it essential that students experience what their knowledge can mean for practice. All of my courses incorporate practical assignments that students work on applying a strong theoretical/evidence-based fundament. The importance of theory for practice and vice-versa is, as such, always one of the central themes in the courses I teach.

Keywords: Socratic method, developing trust in own (scientific) knowledge and abilities, individual approach, intrinsic motivation, practical relevance.