Implementation Theory


In this line of research, my colleagues and I investigate the preconditions for effective adoption, implementation and continuation of evidence-based interventions. We also evaluate policy measures, and conduct formative research to support (local) governments in their efforts to enhance healthy lifestyles of their citizens.


Preconditions for effective implementation of tailored-based interventions to enhance an active life-style among high risk population (ZonMW, 2009)

The effects of the public smoking ban on current smokers’ smoking behavior and (self)conceptions, and implications for governmental communication (Miro/Pfizer, 2009)

Who takes care of the caregivers? On risk-profiles for (too) heavy perceived burden among caregivers (ZonMW, 2015)

Evaluation of interventions to promote self-management among people with intellectual disability (Stichting Raamwerk,  2014)

The background of alcohol use by youth in the municipality of Teylingen: Interviews with 15-year olds and their mothers (ZonMW/Academic Workplace, 2011)

E-learning program for professionals in primary care and welfare to improve the identification and management of adults at high risk of depression (ZonMW, 2010; PI Nicolette van der Zouwe)

Health checks in vulnerable groups: the role of beliefs and expectations (Lekker Lang Leven, 2009; PI Matty Crone/Sandra van Dijk)


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 josanne huijgs dissertationSee also Josanne Huijg’s PhD dissertation

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