I work together with many wonderful researchers around the world.

On Contextualizing Health Behavior

Stan maes

Prof.dr. Stan Maes (Leiden University/Free University Brussels), who sadly passed away in December 2018

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Prof.dr,. Falko Sniehotta (Newcastle University)

Justin_Presseau Dr. Justin Presseau (Ottowa Hospital Research Unit)

michelle segar Dr. Michelle Segar (University of Michigan)

arie dijkstra Prof.dr. Arie Dijkstra (Groningen University)

ingrid steenhuis 3

Prof.dr. Ingrid Steenhuis (Free University of Amsterdam)

john de wit Prof.dr. John de Wit (Utrecht University)


Prof.dr. Emely de Vet (Wageningen University)

janice sandjojo Dr. Janice Sandjojo (Leiden University)

laura kunst Laura Kunst, MSc. (Tilburg University)

– and in relation to Pain

emma massey Dr. Emma Massey (Erasmus Medical Centre)

Nadia_Garnefski.png Dr. Nadia Garnefski (Leiden University)

geert crombez 2

Prof.dr. Geert Crombez (Gent University)

liesbet goubert2.png Dr. Liesbet Goubert (Gent University)

On Identity Processes in Behavioral Change

eline meijer Dr. Eline Meijer, (Leiden University Medical Center)

kristell Kristell Penfornis, MSc (Leiden University)


Dr. Hanneke Hendriks (Amsterdam University)

colette van laar

Prof.dr. Colette van Laar (University of Leuven)

bas van den putte

Prof.dr. Bas van der Putte (University of Amsterdam/Trimbos Institute)

marc willemse

Prof.dr. Marc Willemse (Maastricht University/National Alliance The Netherlands Smoke Free)

jessica kiefteProf.dr. Jessica Kiefte (Leiden University Medical Center)

michelle brust Michelle Brust, MSc. (Leiden University Medical Center)


Prof.dr. Robert West (University College London)


Prof.dr. Paul Norman (Sheffield University)

 On Implementation Theory


Dr. Yvette Meuleman (Leiden University Medical Center)


Dr. Josanne Huijg (Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing)


Dr. Matty Crone (Leiden University Medical Centre)

barend middelkoop

Prof.dr. Barend Middelkoop (Leiden University Medical Centre)